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Non-Faculty/Business Careers

Your Skills Can Make a Difference in Students' Lives

All of our staff is an important part of achieving our mission. From operations to technology to customer service to sales to marketing to research, we hold ourselves to the highest quality standards and contribute to a shared vision for education.

Instructional Empowerment partners with schools and districts to change students’ lives by transforming the classroom learning environment. Our social mission is to end generational poverty and eliminate racial achievement gaps.

If your career journey brings you to Instructional Empowerment, you will have the opportunity to use your skills to make an impact on children’s futures.

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“I’m privileged to work for an organization that focuses on a WHY that resonates with my personal WHY.”

Cleeton Gumbs
Web Design Manager

Learn more about why our founder, Michael Toth, is passionate about breaking generational poverty.

Thrive at a Company That Invests in Your Well-Being and Professional Growth

We Care About Our Employees

At Instructional Empowerment, we truly believe that our employees are our greatest asset. That’s why we go above and beyond to provide some of the most comprehensive benefits in the country, including 100% paid medical, dental, and vision. We care about your wellness and want you to be able to focus on doing your best work.

Onboarding and Professional Learning

We make it a priority to set our people up for success. Our extensive onboarding process immerses our new employees in our culture, processes, and teams. Instructional Empowerment cultivates an active, continuous learning culture. We invest significant resources in training, developing, and mentoring you.

Our full-time employee benefits include:

100% paid medical/dental/vision
401(k) plan with match
PTO and paid holidays
Professional learning opportunities

“IE values my knowledge and skills and gives me abundant opportunities to pursue work that is personally and professionally fulfilling in a supportive, team-based culture. I am very blessed to work with this company!”

Libba Lyons, Ed.D.
Senior Research Analyst

Collaborate with Purpose-Driven Colleagues

We are a team of purpose-driven professionals who share the common social mission of changing students’ lives through K-12 education. Every employee in every position contributes in some way to our work of transforming schools.

We align every decision, project, and task with our social mission. Our cross-functional teams work collaboratively with the shared mindset of ensuring the best outcomes for our company, mission, and ultimately, for the educators and students that Instructional Empowerment serves.

We value the diversity of our staff and promote an inclusive environment where everyone has a voice. We believe that by embracing diversity, we can bring new perspectives to the table and drive our mission forward.

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Other (Faculty) Careers at Instructional Empowerment

In addition to our non-faculty career opportunities, we are also looking for full-time and contracted faculty coaches, school leadership coaches, and staff developers.

“As an IE team and family, we bring our unique experiences and talents together to fuel our mission forward. Being a part of the IE mission is about being part of something bigger than oneself.”

Camile Earle-Dennis
Senior Content Specialist, SEL

Our Shared Vision for Education

At Instructional Empowerment, our vision is for all schools to empower their students to acquire the academics and agency to break generational poverty and achieve their life goals and dreams.

We believe that every school, no matter the socioeconomic status of the communities it serves, can achieve this vision.

We are so serious about our vision that we adopted the name “Instructional Empowerment” to reflect our commitment to bringing the instructional systems of empowerment and the empowered learning culture to every school that wants to achieve it, for every student.

We call our vision for schools the Empowerment Destination.

Join Our Team of Passionate Professionals

We are honored to have amazing employees who have dedicated themselves to our shared social mission. Our bright, talented, experienced staff are always eager to share their insights with one another in a community that grows together and deepens their skills together.

We take pride in attracting some of the most expert talent in various fields with a heart for changing children’s futures.

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“Achieving success here means more than a number on the bottom line, it means that kids are empowered to realize their full potential.”

Micah France
Senior Business Intelligence Analyst