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Faculty Careers

If You Believe What We Believe, Let’s Change Education Together

Instructional Empowerment partners with schools and districts to change students’ lives by transforming the classroom learning environment. We achieve measurable, long-term student outcomes by focusing on rigorous, engaging classroom instruction that builds student agency.

Our school advancement services empower our partners to implement a bold vision for instruction using evidence-proven methodologies from our Applied Research Center. Our faculty works with schools to redesign instructional systems and deepen leadership capacity.

If your career journey brings you to Instructional Empowerment, you will become part of a movement to end generational poverty and eliminate racial achievement gaps.

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We hire full-time and contract positions for:

  • Faculty Coaches
  • School Leadership Coaches
  • Staff Developers

Learn more about why our founder, Michael Toth, is passionate about breaking generational poverty.

You Take Care of the Work,
and We'll Take Care of You

We make it a priority to develop our people and set them up for success. Our internal training, communities of practice, and other support systems ensure you will not be alone on your career journey at Instructional Empowerment.

You do not need to have professional consulting experience – we provide you with the frameworks and consulting tools to become a successful member of our IE faculty. Instructional Empowerment cultivates an active, continuous learning culture. We invest significant resources in training, developing, and mentoring you.

Instructional Empowerment is dedicated to creating a culture of collective empowerment that flows from our faculty, to the educators we coach, and ultimately to the students we serve.

As you engage in the challenging work of changing the education system, we are committed to making sure you are fully supported.

You take care of the work, and we’ll take care of you.

Our full-time employee benefits include:

100% paid medical/dental/vision
401(k) plan with match
PTO and paid holidays
Professional learning opportunities

“It’s very important to me that whatever I do, I’m making an impact. You are with so many intelligent and thoughtful people who really care about kids. This group of people really wants to help each other learn and be as effective as possible.”

Gwen Bryant, M.Ed.
Staff Developer

Opportunities for Full-Time or Contract Work

We hire both independent contractors and full-time salaried consultants to join our faculty. We want to know your story and help you identify the track that is right for you.

Are you an education leader looking for a new challenge? We provide opportunities to leverage your expertise and experience with a diverse range of schools and districts across the country.

Nearing retirement or looking for a more flexible schedule? Consider “Life 2.0” with Instructional Empowerment, where your expertise can continue benefiting educators and changing students’ lives.

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Other (Non-Faculty) Careers at Instructional Empowerment

In addition to our faculty career opportunities, we sometimes have openings in other areas, including operations, customer service, technology, sales, marketing, and research.

We hold ourselves to the highest quality standards at all levels and in every department, and we all share the same vision for education.

At Instructional Empowerment, We Believe …

All Children Deserve Academic and Life Success

We believe all students from all races, cultures, socioeconomic levels, and backgrounds can flourish when school systems are designed to ensure their success. We partner with schools and districts to implement instructional systems for rigorous academic learning and high student agency – the ability of students to self-direct their learning – because we want every student to develop the real-world skills to thrive in the new economy with upward mobility.

All Educators Deserve Professional Empowerment

We believe educators are trapped in the inherited legacy model of teacher-centered pedagogy that limits their professional autonomy and makes it nearly impossible to achieve the student outcomes they desire. As teachers and principals work with our faculty and adopt our model of instructional empowerment, we watch their sense of renewal and energy grow as their profession becomes more joyful and empowered.

Schools Can Break the Status Quo

We believe every school can become great. We founded our own Applied Research Center to ensure we can provide schools with the most evidence-based approach possible so they can become the great equalizers they were meant to be. No matter a school’s starting point or the socioeconomic status of the communities it serves, we know every school has the innate potential to achieve what we call the Empowerment Destination.

If you believe what we believe, we want to give you an opportunity to join us on a life-changing mission to positively impact students, educators, and schools.

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“IE provides a wide range of opportunities to work with teachers and administrators in creating and implementing an instructional vision that gives all students pathways to take ownership of their learning.”

Lauri Stephenson, M.Ed.
Faculty Coach

Take on the Challenge and Meet the Commitment

The work we do at Instructional Empowerment is not easy, but it is fulfilling, and our faculty says it is some of the most meaningful work they have ever done.

Our faculty works with educators to change their mental models for instruction – a process which requires a lot of heart, effort, and skill – and the end results are amazing.

We work with schools around the country that have an urgent need for support, serving students who have been historically marginalized, in communities that care deeply about improving life chances for their children.

See the impact on students and teachers for yourself in the video above. You can be the one to bring positive change to schools.

Our faculty’s track record of success includes achieving measurable outcomes with partner schools, such as:

The personal satisfaction that comes from being engaged in the right work – changing children’s lives and freeing educators from inherited legacy instructional systems – is immeasurable.

Our faculty shares the same mission, supporting one another to persist through the inevitable challenges.

“The best part about working for IE is that we get the opportunity to partner with districts across the country to work toward ending generational poverty. We get to do this work with some of the most intelligent people in education, they not only care deeply about learning but also care deeply for each other. Their commitment to the work and our vision make coming to work every day a joy.”

Kevin McDonald, M.Ed.
School Leadership Coach

Our Shared Vision for Education

At Instructional Empowerment, our vision is for all schools to empower their students to acquire the academics and agency to break generational poverty and achieve their life goals and dreams.

We believe that every school, no matter the socioeconomic status of the communities it serves, can achieve this vision.

We are so serious about our vision that we adopted the name “Instructional Empowerment” to reflect our commitment to bringing the instructional systems of empowerment and the empowered learning culture to every school that wants to achieve it, for every student.

We call our vision for schools the Empowerment Destination.

We are confident that our vision is possible because many of us have dedicated our careers to studying the education system and creating and rigorously testing our models. We have the research, evidence-proven practices, and support systems needed to make the Empowerment Destination into a reality.

Do you have the courage to be the talent on the ground as we work to achieve this shared vision?

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“I’m loving everything I do. I truly feel valued and appreciated in this company.”

Maura Hobson, Ed.D.
School Leadership Coach

Meet Our Faculty Acquisition and
Development Team

Our faculty acquisition and development team invests time in getting to know our candidates on a deeper level because the work we do is so critical, and we want to ensure we are a good fit for each other. The process starts with a conversation to get to know you and continues with several interviews.

Anne Dilgen, our Faculty Talent Specialist, served in public education for nearly 40 years, as a teacher, principal, principal supervisor, and district Director of Accountability at one of the largest school systems in the nation. Anne wanted her second career to be with a company that had a social mission aligned to her belief that K-12 education can change children’s lives for the better. At Instructional Empowerment, Anne is honored to support schools directly by connecting the right people, to the right work, at the right time.

Hasina Romney, our Faculty Talent Optimization Manager, has 17 years of experience in education, as a teacher, instructional coach, assistant principal, principal, and as one of our very own faculty. Her most challenging and most rewarding faculty experience was working with Kenly Elementary School, where 98% of students receive free and reduced lunch, and 95% of students are of color. She helped Kenly achieve their highest state accountability results in the school’s history. Hasina’s field experience working with our partner schools as well as her specialty of recognizing and developing talent gives her a unique understanding of what it takes for Instructional Empowerment’s faculty to be successful.

Are you ready to take on the Instructional Empowerment challenge? We want to know your story!

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The Honor Is Ours

We are honored to have an amazing faculty of former, highly successful district leaders, school leaders, and teacher leaders who have dedicated themselves to our shared social mission. Our bright, talented, experienced staff are always eager to share their insights with one another in a community that grows together and deepens their skills together.

We take pride in attracting some of the most expert talent in the field with a heart for changing children’s futures.

We want to hear your story! Will you share it?

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