Historical Achievement Gains: How an F School Outperformed its District Learning Rates During COVID-19 and Improved to an A School.

In this new whitepaper, directors from IE's Applied Research Center, address how IE matched rigor with on-grade level content to not only close the COVID learning gap but also make gains during the pandemic.

Also covered in this data-supported paper:

  • Lakewood's achievement gains in math, reading, and subgroups

  • 11 Strategies to close learning gaps at your school

  • Developing a culture committed to education

  • Much more

In 2017, prior to working with IE, 2,792 other traditional Florida public schools ranked higher than Lakewood. After IE implemented its “Schools for Rigor and Equity” model beginning in 2018, access and equity to a rigorous education for all students began and continued through COVID-19 when many other schools suffered learning losses. Lakewood had never been better than a “C” since 2012.

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Lakewood (FL) Elementary School was the lowest-performing traditional public school in Florida prior to partnering with IE

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Join thousands of teachers who have partnered with IE to implement tailored transformation approaches for student successes.

Our vision for education is to close the achievement gap. Equip all students with the social, emotional, and cognitive skills they need to thrive in the 21st century. Expand equity by giving every child access to rigorous core instruction that empowers learners to free themselves from generational poverty.

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